Josh Van Ross, the founder and managing director of Drone Sky Shows, has an entrepreneurial journey filled with ups and downs. From exploring various career paths to learning valuable lessons through failures, Van Ross has emerged as a successful entrepreneur in the drone industry. This article will delve into different themes of his life, highlighting the pivotal moments that shaped his trajectory.

Journey of Many Passions

Josh’s early years were marked by a diverse range of interests. Initially studying musical theater and earning a Wappa certification in high school, he realized that this path wasn’t for him. He then pursued business law and management studies at UWA while concurrently serving in the army reserve.

While on a ship, Josh had an epiphany that he needed to start his own business. He borrowed $50,000 and ventured into the food van industry. Unfortunately, the business faltered after just one hour of operation. Undeterred, he secured a job and later went on to successfully fund another company, which was eventually sold in 2020.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Reflecting on his early life, Josh contemplates the origins of his entrepreneurial spirit. He acknowledges that starting a business is akin to building a house – filled with challenges, but ultimately rewarding. Although some aspects can be tedious, he thrives on the constant learning and adaptability required in entrepreneurship.

During his time with EO, Josh realised the value of connecting with fellow founders who face similar struggles. He learned the importance of not getting too emotionally attached to his business. These lessons proved vital when he sold his previous company, ultimately confirming it as a wise decision.

He also had an exciting participation in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA). Despite being the only competitor in the initial phases, he made it to the international finals without even pitching his idea. This experience provided him with valuable insights and highlighted the need to foster entrepreneurial opportunities for Australian students.

Seizing an Opportunity

While still in the army reserve, Van Ross watched a drone show on Reddit during an exercise and realized its potential in Australia. He conducted extensive research, identified the logistics and costs involved, and after six months he had everything he needed to fund Drone Sky Shows. He believes that taking action is what differentiates those with great ideas from successful entrepreneurs.

Josh understands that innovation is not solely about creating new products but also about recognizing opportunities and bringing existing products to new markets. His venture into the drone industry exemplifies this approach, showcasing how he saw untapped potential and capitalized on it.

He firmly believes that the drone industry is on a rapid growth trajectory. Drones are already making an impact across various sectors, such as defense, medical supply delivery, mapping, and surveys. As the industry expands, competition increases, costs decrease, and ancillary support services like structural and legislation companies become vital.


Josh Van Ross’s journey to success in the drone industry showcases the power of resilience, adaptability, and seizing opportunities. From his failed food van venture to his flourishing drone show company, he exemplifies the entrepreneurial spirit and the willingness to learn from both successes and failures. With his unwavering determination and passion for innovation, Josh continues to make strides in the rapidly evolving drone industry.

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