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Changing the Game came about because I have had the pleasure of meeting so many incredible people through my own journey that have really disrupted their industries and I wanted to bring these stories together for you to learn from, be inspired and motivated by like I have.

And because we all learn in different ways the stories are available in audio, video and text so you can consume them in a way that works for you.

Please take the time to reach out to myself or my guests if you have feedback about a particular episode. I always love hearing what your key take-aways are from our conversations.

Creating a game that everyone can participate.

Innovation | Diversity | Education


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Raby Gueye Raby, the CEO of the non-profit organization "Teach for Senegal," is not your average leader. Beyond her title, she is an educator, a devoted mom, a loving wife, and a dutiful daughter.  Her...

Mihailo Bozic Mihailo Bozic's Entrepreneurial Journey Mihailo Bozic's path to becoming an entrepreneur was shaped by his unique interests and innate curiosity. While his peers indulged in gaming-related...

Josh Van Ross Josh Van Ross, the founder and managing director of Drone Sky Shows, has an entrepreneurial journey filled with ups and downs. From exploring various career paths to learning valuable lessons...


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